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California Zephyer on Amtrak- First Class

THIS TRAVEL LOG DOES NOT HAVE MUCH INFORMATION CONSIDERING I WAS QUITE YOUNG WHEN I DID IT, BUT I STILL HAVE SOME INFORMATION. 5/27/93- Oakland Station, CA. The station is not in a very good area, there are some poor people who hang around, but do not bother you. I get on the train and I enter a large room with a shower, two beds that convert to chairs, and a large window. The room was very nice, and clean, the only problem was the bathroom door kept rattiling at night. It was pretty good. The meals were pretty plain and basic, note that they have improved, for dinner evrey night I got a New York Sorloin, pretty good. For lunch there was a salad and a tamato soup. We arrived a few hours late I recall, due to flooding. The scenery was beutifull, many flowers and the mountains were great. The window in our cabin was clean and large. There was also a dome car. We did not viset it much, because it was smoking, note Amtrak does not allow smokeing in that car any more, just the lounge, at specific times.