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Northeat Direct- Coach Class

2/13/98-Boston to New York- Coach Class- The train is pretty clean. The window was not dirty, but to high for the seat. My seat was the only one that did not recline, but most did, and they reclined pretty good for a short distance train. There is also enough legroom. Our car was way too hot, but the conducter opened the door to cool it down. I saw the ocean a lot! The ride is very scenic. The Northeast Corridor High Speed Rail Project, American Flyer, is almost done. The track is good, with concrete tyes. The metal poles are up. There was also a big lighted up display box on it. On this train the bathrooms are large and pretty clean. In New Haven we got off the train and watched the diesel engines go bye and a electric engine say hi. The train hooked up in 8-10 minutes. Pretty good! 2/13/98 10:30 am- All os a sudden we stop. The engineer comes on and says that only one track is working, so we have to wait for the eastbound train. He comes on again a minute later and says we will be waiting for 10 minutes. It is now 10:40 am and we have not moved. We have to catch an 11:50 am train to FL. At 10:42 and 30 seconds the train starts to move. We arrived about 8 minutes late. Not bad.

Northeast Direct- New York to Boston, Coach

I did not do a complete travel log on this trip, but I took a few inportant notes. -Worked out fine -7 minutes late into Rt. 128 station, Boston suburb station -2 minutes late into Boston South Station -All seats had lapto power connection