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The Eurostar- Coach Class Round Trip

Although short this is one of my favorite memories ever of a train. The whole trip one way only takes three hours, but what an experience. So.. you arrive at Waterloo Station in London, England. You follow the signs to the Eurostar terminal. When you come to it there are escalators. You take them down to ticket boothes where you either slide the ticket(s) in the machine or have a person take it. For me a person took it. Then I walked into a futureristic terminall which eventully lead me to the platform. I took an escalator up to the platform and came up to the train. What a site to see, the shiny coaches and the bullet nose. As I walked in I saw how clean it was. I found my seat with a large window. A few seats do not have a window, but this one did. I sat down in the medium sized seat, much like an airplane, but a bit more confortable. In about fifteen minutes the train started to move and I was very happy. It was so quiet and smooth I couldent even tell I was on a train. Throughout England the train only can acheive a speed of 90 m.p.h. at the fastest. The reason is the tracks. England will approve high speed tracks so the Eurostar slowly glides the the beutifull country side. Sheep are in the feild, I might add there are MANY feilds. After lots of feild, I came to the Chunnel Tunnel where the train increses speed to about 120 m.p.h. because if the Eurostar went faster then it would catch up to the freight trains in the tunnel. As we woosh through the tunnel I read a book. Nothing really happened in the tunnel. After about 20 minutes we bulletid out of the tunnel and started to gain massive speed. The windows are quite large and very clear. There is also a tray table that comes down. The telephone poles came by so fast you could barely see them.