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Railroad Links

This is a list of many railroad links that will bring you to the official railroad site

Amtrak's Web Site: Make Reservations, check train stattus
Czech Republic's Rail Web Site:
France's Rail Web Site:
Great Britan's Rail Web Site:
Germany's Rail Web Site:
Italy's Rail Web Site:
Portugal's Rail Web Site:
Spain's Rail Web Site:
Switzerland's Rail Web Site:
Canada's Rail Web Site (VIA RAIL):
RAILeurope (Eurostar): Make reservations for all trains of Europe, including EUROSTAR- high speed service through Chunnel Tunnel

Railroad Club Links

These links all link to rail web sites

My Snazzy List of Links

Train Web: Information and photos relaiting to USA and foreign rail
National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP):
Amtrek: A funny humor site making fun of Amtrak
RAIL SEARCH: An all rail search engine run by