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Twilight Shorliner, # 67, BOS-WAS, DLX. BEDROOM, 4/30/98

As I step onto the stairs of the Veiwliner Sleeper car I know this will be a very good trip. The car is the last car on this train. The attendent greeted us and told us to make our way to our room, B, a deluxe bedrrom. It is very nice. Ultra modern, lots of buttons, call buttons, lights, TV, music. The bathroom aslo has a shower. We set a wakeup call for 5:00 AM. The Twilight Lounge, (1st Class Passenger Lounge) is open all night. The beds are very comfortable when they fold down. When one arrives in their room they are greeted by small toiletry bags, and two boxes of italien chocolates. I am going to sleep listening to jazz playing. 5:45 Am 5/1/98: The wake up call was 25 minutes late. I woke up and took a shower, and it was fine. I then hit the call button and sked he attendent to change our beds to chairs. I then proceeded to the dinning car and got a breakfest sandwich. (all microwaved items in the diner, as it is a dinnete car) and a glass of OJ. We arived 5 minutes early at 6:10 am.


8:40 pm: We are a little ways out of Boston. When we boarded we were greeted by the attendent John.I have had him before on a NED Club Class train. He told us that he has never done a sleeper before , but Amrak needed and attendent. These Veiwliners are great, including the standard bedrooms. The bathroom worked fine. 7:15 AM, HYATT REGENCY HOTELS, D.C, 10/16/99: Last nigth I set my alarm for 1:00 Am so I could see NYC over the Hells Gate Bridge. Wow, what a site it was. And then I fell asleep as we were sneeking into Penn Station. I also turned up the heat, and turned the fans off, because it was getting too cold. In the morning I woke at 6 AM, packed my bags, and headed up to the shower room. I knew the train would arrive at 6:15, and I thought it was ontime, but I still knew that it waits in the station untill 6:55 AM, to give people more time to deboard, and to change engines to continue to Newport News, VA. The showeroom was very well stocled with disposable bath mats, disposable slippers, and towells. The shower room is large, because it inlucdes a shower, and then a room to the side too. There was no shampoo in the bathroom, only in my toiletry bag they gave me, so I had to make do. The shower was nice and hot though. When I was done I walked back to my room changed, and with a pair of TS slippers. I also picked up a glass of OJ at the drink area in the back of the car. John then helped me with my bags and I deboarded the train. I noticed that the sleeper lounge car, and sleeper car both had a window decorations on them. I could still see rom my sleeper,just sometimes I noticed that it was like netting or a screen. I think they should be on the whole train, instead of just "ruining" the sleepers veiw. Not fare, j/k. It looks nice from the outside. I then left the station noticing a HSR display case (now it is labled "Acela") I feel John, the attendent, added that little touch of "niceness" which makes a difference. Sleeper was called Village Veiw.


Boston, South Station: Upon arriving we waited in a line to get the tickets that we purchased on the internet. We aslo had to change our Metroliner from 3:30 pm, to 2:45 pm train. This is so we can see Denver nail the Jets in the playoffs. We hate the Jets. Then we walked to Lez Zegomates, a french restraunt in Boston, next to the station. After a great, leisurly paced meal, we headed back to the station. We went to retreive our bags from the baggage holding place, and find a seat. As we were searching for our seat we were told over the ic that our train would be delayed boarding, ready for a highly technicall explanation, because it was not in the station yet. At 8:15 (scheduled dep. time) we were told that there was mechanical problems and there would be a slight delay. Untill 9 pm we watched passenger run to their trains, how exciting. At 9 pm our train was called for boarding. On this train there is 2 sleepers (Veiwliner). We were the 2dn of them. When we got to out rooms, # 9 and 10, we found toiletry bags with the TS emblem, and 2 boxes of italien chocolated, and slippers with the TS label too! Our attendent told us that the Twilight lounge would be open shortly. We then quickly lost HEP power, and then got it restored at Back Bay. We then lost it again, and finnaly, got it perminatly restored at RTE 128 Station. We headed to the Twilight lounge, seeing that 1/2 the tables were set for dinner, and 1/2 for snacks, on the other side of the car. The snack part had candles on all the tables with blue table clothes, and pretzles. There was a table stocked with plates with chocolate swirl cheesecake on them, and I took one. I got two water, and Dad got a after dinner drink. I then sat there for 45 minutes talking with Dad and watching the scenary(!). Alcohol is free on this train, which is very 1st classy. We then went back to our cabins, and went to bed. That is where I am writing currently and I am tired, so I am going to bed. 5:50 AM, 1/16/99: We were woken by a knock on the door and the attendent saying 45 minutes untilll arrival. I lay in bed for about 20 more minutes and watched the dark veiw. I then climbed out of my bunk and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I got a glas of OJ, and just to note we then arrived 5 minutes late at 6:20 AM. METROPOLITIN LOUNGE, D.C: We found our way to the lounge, hit the blue door button, and a siren sounded and we pushed the elagant door open. The desk was infront and we showed our tickets to the lady. We got a paper, a drink, and sat down, waiting later to meet friends in D.C. By far the best lounge in the Amtrak system.