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Amtrak Club Class (availible only on Metroliner and NortheastDirect Trains)

Amtrak Club Class is first class for Amtrak's northeast corridor. It is availible on all Amtrak Metroliner trains, and most NortheastDirect Trains. Club class seating is 2 and 1. Club Class includes complimentry meal and unlimeted drinks (non alchoholic or alchoholic). The complimentry meal can be good and can be not so good. It is all on a rotating menu. Club Class is very nice because you are in half of a seperate car, so there is lots of privacy. It is also the first or last car on the train, so no other non club class passenger walks in. The seats are nice, especially the new ones. If you get a good attendent then you will get non stop service. If your attendent really works hard it is polite to give him a tip. Club car as i have seen them on Northeast Direct trains does NOT have laptop connection. It does have a fold down tray table and a halogin reading lamp. The attendent also has free magizines and newspapers. Club Class is worth the extra money, for a wide seat, non stop service, food drink, reading, ect. Club Class also has special 1st class touches such as mints and chocolates with your meal. If you are on a logn route (exp: BOS-PHL you get 2 meals and unlimeted snacks. Need more Club Class Information, email me with a question or contact amtrak via email at, or check out Train Web, at